Our training is never based on a "one size fits all" basis. Each day is dependent on where the horse is to get the most out of each session.

Do you want to show? We can help you truly understand your tests so you are confident entering the ring to present your horse to the best of their ability

Are you looking for classical style training to benefit your horse? Hannah has a strong basis in classical dressage and is ready to help your horse learn to use their entire body!

Partial Training - $300.00

Partial training includes:

  • 3 sessions per week
    • Your choice of
      • lessons
      • in-hand work
      • professional rides

Ideal for the horse that needs to stay in shape or young horses just starting their journey under saddle.

Full Training - $500.00

Full Training includes:

  • 5 sessions per week
    • Your choice of
      • in-hand work
      • lessons
      • professional rides

Ideal for competitive clients and those looking for their horses to learn and move up the levels. 

Sales Training - $1,000.00

Sales includes: 

    • All marketing necessities:
      • Professional photos, videos, ad fees, ect.
      • Scheduling of prospective buyers, PPE’s, ect.
  • We aim to make sales a seamless process for owners. 
    • We show consistently in Georgia as well as Ocala and Wellington/Loxahatchee areas allowing your horse to be seen by the most ideal buyers.