With Cheval Noir you can rest assured your horses will be trained in a calm manner allowing them to use their body in a correct manner.

Price List


Monthly Board:                   $900

 Training Packages Prices based on a monthly rate in addition to base board:

Full Training:                      $700.00                 (5 rides per week)
Partial Training:                 $480.00                 (3 rides per week)

A la carte Rides by Hannah                        $45.00
A la Carte Rides by a working student      $25.00


Package of 4 (1 lesson/week)     $ 240.00
Package of 8 (2 lessons/week)   $ 400.00

Additional horseback riding lessons in a month if in a program   $50.00

A la carte lessons             $ 65.00
Travel fee                        $15.00


Cancellations: Cancelled lessons require a 24-hour notice. If a lesson is missed due to illness, it must be made up within the month. There are always situations that arise which require special consideration. These situations will be handled on a case by case situation and at the discretion of the trainer.

Weather: Lessons are held rain or shine in the covered arena. Cheval Noir will notify students if lessons need to be cancelled and rescheduled due to severe/unsafe weather.

Helmet: ASTM/SEI certified riding helmets and boots with heels are required whenever mounted.

Riding Wavier: All riders must sign a release waiver. No exceptions


 Services Offered:
Administration of Cheval Medication

Banamine – $3.00 per dose
  Bute – $3.00 per dose
Dexamethasone – $3.00 per dose
De-Worming – Included in board
Bathing – $20.00
Mane Pulling – $20.00
Body Clipping – $150.00
Leg Wrapping – $10.00
Leg Sweat – $20.00

*If stall rest is required an additional $100 per month will be added to board rates to cover additional care, hay, and shavings.

Colic Care Plan: $50.00 per day

                In the event of a colic and the owner is unable to get out or until the owner arrives Cheval Noir has a colic care plan that includes: banamine, hand walking, holding for vet, and if needed in extreme cases hauling to an outside clinic.

                *If horse must be taken to an outside clinic there is a $0.75/mile hauling fee.


Hauling and Horse Show Fees:

 Transportation fee ($30 minimum), per mile $0.75 (out of town shows):

Conyers                                                  $50.00
Wills Park                                               $20.00
Fairburn                                                 $50.00
Outside shows/clinics                   $0.75/mile

Leg Wrapping (for shipping)                                            $5.00
Coaching (per day)                                                          $50.00
Showing (Hannah shows your horse per day)           $50.00
Lesson at the show                                                         $55.00
Professional Training Rides at the show                     $55.00

Day Care at Show grounds (grooming, tacking, bathing ect. Per day)            $40.00 (paid to working students)


Horse Purchases/Leases

(Buyer’s Agent/When horse is coming into Cheval Noir)

*Commission: 10% of asking price

-Representation of the buyer during the purchase/lease of the horse
-Includes trial of horse at horse’s home prior to purchase and presence at veterinary examination


Horse Sales/Leases (Seller’s Agent)

 *Commission: 10% of asking price

-Representation of the seller (horse) during the sale process
-Includes creating advertisement for sale horse (owner is responsible for costs of running advertisements), showing the horse to interested buyers, etc.
-Sale horses must participate in a 3 days/week training package

We are happy to discuss the perfect training plan for you and your horse!


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Cheval Noir. I love the care Hannah has for all of the horses she works with. I wouldn’t send my horses anywhere else!

Devin Parrish

When it comes to Hannah’s training methods and capabilities, the difference I feel in her on the ground and under saddle speaks for itself. This is a wonderful and welcoming environment for adult amateurs and I highly recommend it!

Niki Rawls

My 13-year-old OTTB is a HOT MESS. We have struggled for years with lameness issues and various mishaps and have not been able to string together a decent period of consistent work. Hannah is so attentive and figured out a significant diet issue I had no idea we were dealing with. She adjusted my boy’s feed and he looks amazing! And he holds his shoes now and is sound! Hannah also works with him regularly and I always know – without asking – when she’s been riding him because he is much more responsive and balanced.

Kristen Lewis